Beard Brush
Beard Brush
Beard Brush

Beard Brush

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What's more satisfying than stroking your manly beard? Brushing it, obviously.

This Handsome Chap Beard Brush will help to keep the beard in shape.  Designed to softly detangle the hair and revitalise the skin beneath your beard, preventing dead skin and helping the hair to look smooth and well groomed.

Fits perfectly within the hand and is a great size for travelling, so his whiskers can always look great, wherever he is, at home or on the go.  No lost cornflakes or toast crumbs will be left after a good morning brush!  He'll just look terribly handsome!

The perfect gift for any stylish bearded fellow, with 'Handsome Chap' inscribed upon the ash wooden handle, it'll sure please any man with whiskers.

Handmade in Britain with hand turned ash wood handle and horse hair fibres.

Suitable for:

  • Brushing that manly beard.
  • Keeping the stragglers in check.
  • Gifting the bearded man who has it all.

Dimensions: 11.5cm x 5.5cm.

Weight: 106g