About Us

Who bothers with the "About Us" page of a barbershop's website? You do. We like you for that.

The Men's Society Barbershop is part of a bigger Men's Society family. You can find out more about the rest of what we do by clicking here.

So how did we end up opening a barbershop in Shoreditch? Well, we've been handmaking grooming products for men since 2008. As well as some of the coolest boutiques in the world; our kits are sold in some really out-there barbershops and hair salons. As an office full of freshly-ground-coffee drinking 30-something hipsters, we got a bit jealous of all the fun they were having and decided to combine our favourite elements from all of them into our own dream barbershop.

And why base it in Shoreditch? Simple. It's the most exciting area of the most exciting city in the world.