Classic Male Grooming Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

All men want to look their best. Most men don't quite manage it. This is where they're going wrong:

Beards & Moustaches

There seems to have been an increase in facial hair over the past few years, suddenly it’s okay to have it, and some would say it is even a style must have – but remember that not all beards are created equal. Think about work, their policy and also about the appearance before you go all “mountain-man” and just let it grow wild!

You need to tame that facial hair before it devours your face, so ensure that it is well trimmed and shaped around the edges – just as you would you privet hedge. You need to take a little pride and ensure that the beard is a compliment to and not an insult to your face.


Some say it looks great, but might your boss or partner think that you look like you may have slept rough after a heavy night; or is that the look you are going for? I sincerely hope not. Keep it trim and tidy, as you would your clothes to avoid that morning after the night before look. Investment in a few classic men’s gifts, namely a grooming kit, razor and shaving brush, is a great place to start.


They say that the eyes are the window to your soul, so think of your eyebrows as the window frames and ensure that they are kept trim and neat and perhaps even separate from the one opposite. They relay emotions, so don’t let that message say “couldn’t care less”.

Nose and Ear Hair

Facial hair can be cool, but not the type that is growing out of your facial orifices. A decent grooming kit will include a trimmer, and they make good gifts too, if presented in a nice way.


Hair should be neatly trimmed and not proceed from the top of your scalp, all the way down the back of the head, past the neckline and beyond. Remember that this looks more “caveman” like and less groomed. Ensure that there are neat lines delineating the end of the hair line and the start of the neck.

Long Hair

Now there is nothing wrong with long hair, we are talking in-between lengths that grow through lack of attention, such as sneaking out over your ears. Keep you cut long or short, not in between which frankly looks like you have not made an effort. A little over the ear hair trimming makes the lines neater and smoother and the appearance smarter too.

Tips To Avoid These Problems

So these are common errors, here are a few simple solutions to avoiding them

  • Have a routine and keep on top
  • Have the right men’s grooming kit with quality tools
  • Let others tell you if you’ve slipped or missed something without being hurt

If you want to look your best, it doesn’t happen by accident, it takes dedication, effort and the right investment in tools and kit. Let it become part of your everyday routine and before long it will seem natural and you will always present the best you – and that is what it is about!